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How to process a batch refund for bulk refund processing - Tue - Mar 17, 2020 - 10:36am

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Jan 2023 0 Comments Announcements
    Our batch refund allows you to refund purchases to either a gift card or back to the customer's credit card. For either type of bulk refund, there are several important notes.

    1. BATCH REFUNDS CANNOT BE UNDONE. Use careful consideration prior to completing a batch refund.
    2. Donations are never refunded in batch processes.
    3. Fees that are part of a Pick Any package or part of a multi-event order are not refunded in bulk refund processing. 
    4. If an order included Products, please handle those separately especially if products may have already been delivered.
    5. Only orders paid for by a credit card qualify. 

    How to perform a batch refund to a credit card or to a gift card

    For credit card refunds, the following must be true in order to be processed. We will not process a refund for any order that does not fit the criteria below. Orders must be:

    1. Purchased by the customer, not a staff member
    2. Paid by credit card (no cash or gift card orders)
    3. Cannot be part of a Defined or Open Package
    4. Cannot have coupons applied
    5. Are not associated with a partial refund or exchange

    Take the following steps to complete a bulk refund:

    1. Event Manager > Manage > Dates & Times
    2. Below the Event Name, click the link, "Batch Refund" to reveal a popup dialog
    3. Select the type of refund you are processing: to a gift card or back to the customer's credit card.
    4. Select whether you wish to return or retain ticket fees you may have added to the order.
    5. By default, we send a refund confirmation to the email address on file. Uncheck to prevent an email from going out to your patrons.
    6. Enter the text you would like to include in the email.
    7. Add a note for the refund that will appear on each individual order.
    8. Click Submit. 

    Viewing credit card refunds

    For orders that meet the refund criteria, we will process a refund. A list of all successfully refunded orders can be found in the Guest List under the Dates & Times page under the Exchange/Refund tab.

    You may view all paid orders and individually provide a refund for those orders that could not be refunded in bulk.

    Viewing refunds to a gift card

    You may view all gift cards under Revenue Builders > Gift Certificates.