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How will Thundertix work if we get a new website design? - Wed - Jul 6, 2011 - 5:13pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Nov 2022 0 Comments Website Integration
    This question only applies if your ThunderTix page has been custom branded to mimic the design of your existing website.

    We will still have all events listed at the same website address as before, which will appear with whatever design we wrap it in.

    Redesigning the ThunderTix landing page is billed by the hour at $155/hour. Sometimes it takes less than an hour...sometimes it can take 2, depending on the complexity of the new design. Please direct your developer to provide us a link to the new website design that does not include Flash or javascript and has all the content removed from the center of the page. That will help us keep our time to a minimum and your costs down.

    Please let us know if any changes or a new design request via a support ticket to our support staff.