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In what format will events show up for my customers? - Wed - Feb 22, 2017 - 3:13pm

  • Posted by Pam Updated: Jan 2024 0 Comments Account Settings
    There are three different display formats available in your ThunderTix Account. They are Standard Listing, Calendar Layout, and Date Range Search.

    They will be described below. The listing of all events is found under the "All Events Code" button at the top right of the Event Manager page. The All Events code will display all events that are BOTH Active and Public. Click "Public View" under the Events tab to see how your events are displayed to the public.
    1. Standard Listing will show your events in date chronological order and will include the event image and description. You will also have the option of including a link to the calendar, and/or adding a side panel. The side panel will display your purchase terms and conditions and will have a re-send tickets option
    2. Calendar Layout will show your events in a calendar format, images and descriptions are shown when the event is clicked on. You will also have the option of setting your calendar view to either, Month, Week, or Day
    3. Date Range Search will show your events in a chronological listing, but allow customers to enter a date range to search for events. You will also have the option of entering the display date range

    You can test each display by performing the following:
    1. Head to Public Display Settings >> click Edit Public Display 
    2. Under PUBLIC DISPLAY OPTIONS check the box for the desired display
    3. Optionally add the Sidebar display with any option 
    4. View your website page either embedded within your own page using the "Get Code" links or clicking the link for "public web address" in the same section

    If you would like to have the one display on one page and another display on another page, you can do so by linking them.

    To get the links: 
    1. Head to Public Display Settings > Edit Public Display.
    2. Click on the 'View' you would like the link for. 
    3. If you would like the Standard Listing, click on Standard Listing and if you would like the Calendar Layout, click Calendar Layout. The same applies for Data Range Search. 
    4. After you click on the view you want, it will open a link in a separate tab. Copy this link. 
    5. Simply paste the link where you would like to show the alternate view of your events.