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Customers are not receiving email receipts - Tue - Jun 13, 2017 - 8:24am

  • Posted by Stacy Updated: Mar 2023 0 Comments Email Delivery
    We capture all delivery information. To view, take the following steps:

    1. Go to the Orders tab in the left menu
    2. Search for the affected email or order ID
    3. Click on the ID
    4. Click the button, "View Delivery Statistics"

    Deliveries, bounces, opens, and clicks are sent by our email service and displayed.

    Delivery Problems

    ThunderTix enjoys an excellent "reputation" according to mail delivery benchmark meaning we have a high degree of reliability hovering around 98%. Even so, there are times that email is delivered to a customer's spam folder due to rules they've set up for their email.

    Unfortunately, our control ends once the email is delivered to the ISP such as AOL, Gmail, et. Their filtering may then mark emails as spam or block them altogether. This is not uncommon with fire walled accounts like government, schools or universities or corporate accounts. Their spam filtering and firewalls are typically more aggressive. So, while the server sent back a "received" receipt, the internal firewall of filters set by the organization's email prevented the delivery. 

    If you are having internal email delivery issues from ThunderTix, please contact your technical team and share the delivery statistics showing that emails were delivered.

    For customers, ask the to check their spam folder. (See Finding the Gmail spam folder.) If the customer does not see the email in junk or spam folder, we highly recommend customers speak with their IT departments. They'll be able to track the delivery to learn where it's getting stopped/filtered. 

    For customers, if they inadvertently marked a ticket delivery as spam, the View Delivery Statistics will show you that this occurred and allow you to "re-subscribe" them for future deliveries. Then you can click the "resend" button on that same page. Again, if the email is not getting through, but our View Delivery Statistics shows that the email has been processed and delivered, then how it arrives (or doesn't arrive) to the recipients Inbox is out of our control. 

    The customer should check with their provider or technical team to learn why the email is not getting through. Here's the best way to see if the Reminder email went out for a specific performance within an event: 
    1. First, go to the guest list of that performance. 
    2. Then, click on any Order ID in the guest list. 
    3. When the order opens, click the "View Delivery Statistics" button. 
    4.  In the "Event" column of that popup window, we show (O) for the Original Order receipt email and (R) for the Reminder email. 
    We provide a key for the email actions such as when it was delivered or clicked. This information comes directly from email provider and is only displayed if the email actually arrived at someone's email inbox.

    Should you need to send an email again, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Order.
    2. Scroll down to the Email Functions box.
    3. Enter an alternate email address in the "Send to a new email" box.
    4. Click the Send button.

    Email Validation Service
    One other way to improve the deliverability of emails is to enable a third party email validation service. From your Account Settings under the Billing & Usage tab, you'll find "Email Validation" listed under Upgrades. Simply enable this option to add Email Validation Service to your account. This service will check for common spelling errors of mail services and warn the ticket buyer that their email is invalid, giving them an opportunity to correct it, before they checkout.