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How can I reset barcodes so they can be used multiple times over multiple events? - Thu - Aug 30, 2018 - 12:11pm

  • Posted by Ray Updated: Mar 2023 0 Comments Barcodes & Scanning
    If you have an event that is occurring over multiple events or days, and you want customers to receive a single ticket and barcode to attend each day of the event (or each session during an event), you can "reset" the barcodes scanned back to unscanned to allow them to be scanned multiple times. Barcodes can be reset by ticket type. 

    So, for example, if you create tickets that are Single Day Passes and Weekend Passes, you will only want to reset the barcodes for Weekend Passes to allow those ticket holders to attend each day of that weekend. Single-day passes may remain the same so that scanned tickets may only be used one time over the weekend. 

    WARNING: Use caution when resetting barcodes as the action cannot be reversed! This function is only allowed for primary admins on an account. 

    1. When you are ready to reset your barcodes, go to the Events Manager and click Manage for the desired event. 
    2. Before resetting the barcodes, download the Barcodes scanned report to retain all data on that day's tickets scanned. 
    3. Under the event name, click "Manage Tickets and Prices". 
    4. Under the "Actions" column, click the barcode icon to begin the un-scan process. 
    5. Confirm your decision to reset all barcodes for that ticket type. 
    6. Repeat for each ticket type desired. 

    The tickets may now be rescanned.