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Declined Card, but Pending Charges on Bank Account - Mon - Mar 7, 2011 - 12:38pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Aug 2019 0 Comments Credit Card Processing

    At times, buyers will attempt to buy tickets through ThunderTix and received an error message that their address did not match their zip code. They may even try purchasing again and get several pending charges on their credit card or shown on their online bank account. With an gateway, all attempts to purchase will show up as 'pending' on an online account, even if the transactions are declined. Typically, those transactions will simply disappear within 1-3 business days.

    If there are NO orders for that person in ThunderTix, all attempted transactions were declined. The customer should either try again with the correct billing address (which must match the address on their credit card statement) or contact the venue to have them process it over the phone. A logged-in ThunderTix staff member can process the credit card without the required address information.

    The customer can contact their bank and have the bank confirm that the transactions are declined. At times, the bank can remove the pending transactions to free up those charges against their balance.