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How do I connect my Moneris eSelect Plus account with ThunderTix? - Sat - Sep 15, 2012 - 3:46pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Jun 2021 0 Comments Credit Card Processing

    Once your Moneris eSelect Plus account has been finalized and created:

    1. Log in to Moneris using your Username, Store ID and Password.
    2. On the MY ACCOUNT tab, copy and save your Store ID (shown at the top of the page before your business name) either in a file on your computer or written down. You'll need it later.
    3. Then, click on ADMIN.
    4. Next, click on 'store settings' in the sub-menu.
    5. Click the button to 'Generate API Token'.
    6. You'll also need a Profile ID, too. Go to Admin > Hosted Tokenization.
    7. Next, in the “Create Profile” section, enter a “Source Domain”. Ex:
    8. Click “Create Profile”.
    9. :

    ThunderTix Integration

    1. Log in as an admin of your account. Only admins can edit Gateway settings.
    2. Click the Cogs icon in the top menu, and click on Gateway.
    3. In the drop-down of available gateways, select Moneris
    4. Paste the Store ID, API Token, and Profile ID separately from your Moneris account into the corresponding fields.
    5. Click Update to save.

    Running a Test Transaction

    See our guide in How do I run a test transaction in ThunderTix?