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What credit card readers will work with Thundertix? - Mon - Mar 28, 2011 - 12:22pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Apr 2022 0 Comments Credit Card Processing
    USB-enabled Credit Card readers
    We offer a credit card swipe reader that connects by USB to your computer and allows for rapid credit card processing. The swipe reader transmits the Customer's first/last name, card number, and expiration date.

    Bluetooth Device for the iOS and Android apps
    For Stripe gateway and iOS users only, we now integrate with Stripe's BBPOS Chipper -- a compact, bluetooth credit card reader that needs no hard wired connection. The Chipper reads credit cards using traditional card swipes, "dipped" transactions' and the newest and most secure "tapped" readers that allow for a fully hands-free experience.

    We expect to update our Android app to accept the chipper in the next few months.
    1. Make sure the USB card swipe is plugged into the USB port of the device you are using
    2. Login to ThunderTix
    3. Choose the event for which you want to process an order.
    4. When you get to the Order Checkout page, choose the tab labeled "Card Swipe" and put the cursor in the available field and swipe. You'll see a bunch of text entered in the credit card field and then, the page should automatically submit the order after swiping. The name and last four digits of the card number are saved with the order information.
      No other information is required when you are logged in to keep processing time to a minimum.
    To ensure your customer database is as complete as possible, consider adding the customer's billing address prior to swiping the card. To send a receipt to the customer, make sure you enter the customer's email address, too.

    Mobile Card Swipes for iOS and Android
    We offer both an iOS App as well as an Android App for processing orders with the flexibility of mobile sales. Credit cards can be entered through the app by keying in the card number and expiration date. However, to expedite mobile sales, we recommend the credit card swipe that plugs into the headphone jack of the mobile device. The mobile card reader works for both iOS and Android devices that have a headphone jack available.
    The USB and Mobile credit card swipers can be purchased from the Hardware tab.

    Stripe Terminal
    If your business is based in the United States and you use Stripe as your payment gateway, you are eligible for the Stripe Terminal. The Stripe Terminal is a device sold by Stripe that allows patrons to insert their credit card into the Chip (EMV) reader rather than swiping. In addition, the Stripe Terminal allows for payments via "tapping" the card on the device. Stripe offers EMV Level 1, 2, 3 pre-certified Stripe card readers providing end-to-end encryption. These readers offer support for chip cards and contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and help protect you against liability for counterfeit fraud.

    When using the Stripe Terminal for in-person transactions, the rate will be decreased from 2.9% to 2.7% per transaction and from $0.30 to $0.05 per transaction. The Terminal (previously Verifone® P400, now BBPOS WisePOS E) can be purchased for $249-299 directly from Stripe (depending on your location).

    Once the equipment is received, start the process of a new order. When you get to the final checkout page, choose the new "Stripe Terminal" tab to connect and register your Terminal with your ThunderTix account.