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How do I integrate the Square payment gateway with ThunderTix? - Fri - May 27, 2022 - 3:23pm

  • Posted by Natalie Updated: Apr 2023 0 Comments Credit Card Processing
    If you haven't already created your Square account, please signup here. Once complete and approved, you'll login and locate your Square credentials to allow secure processing of credit cards directly from ThunderTix.

    Connecting your Square Account

    1. Login as an admin of your ThunderTix account. 
    2. Hover over the Account Settings icon and click Gateway.
    3. On the right side of the page, click the button labeled "Connect with Square".
    4. A new connection to Square will open within the page. 
    5. Sign into your Square account with your Email and Password.
    6. You may be asked to prove you're not a robot by solving a "captcha" test.
    7. Next, you'll need to "allow" ThunderTix access to your Square account.
    8. Next, you'll be taken back to your Gateway page in ThunderTix where you began.
    9. Confirm the currency selected is correct.  You should now see an access token, application ID, and location ID displayed in on your gateway tab.
    10. Click "Add Gateway" to save your changes.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you perform a test transaction to ensure the credit cards are processed correctly.