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How do I integrate the Square payment gateway with ThunderTix? - Fri - May 27, 2022 - 3:23pm

  • Posted by Natalie Updated: Nov 2022 0 Comments Credit Card Processing
    If you haven't already created your Square account, please signup here. Once complete and approved, you'll login and locate your Square credentials to allow secure processing of credit cards directly from ThunderTix.

    IMPORTANT: You'll need to access two different screens from Square to access the information to enter into your ThunderTix Gateway page. Review both sets of directions and screenshots below.

    STEP 1: Application ID and Access Token

    To locate the Application ID and Access Token, please do the following:

    1. Head to your Account tab within your Square login 
    2. Locate the Credentials tab in the left-hand menu 
    3. The Credentials page will display the Application ID and Access Token fields below the Application name
    4. Make sure you are NOT in Sandbox mode. Change to Production, if needed.
    5. Login to ThunderTix and head to your Gateway page
    6. Select the Square gateway
    7. Copy and paste the Application ID and Access Token from Square into ThunderTix
    8. Click Add Payment Gateway

      STEP 2: Location ID

      To locate the Location ID, please do the following:

      1. Head to your Account tab
      2. Locate the Locations tab in the left-hand menu
      3. Locate the Location ID in the same row as your associated account name
      4. Enter the information into the ThunderTix gateway page
      5. Click update

      IMPORTANT: Make sure you perform a test transaction to ensure the credit cards are processed correctly.