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More assistance with event cancellations - Mon - Mar 23, 2020 - 9:27pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Dec 2021 0 Comments Announcements
    For many of you facing event cancellations and postponements, we've launched two more features to support you during this challenging time. Convert paid orders into a donation
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    We've been heartened to hear from many of you that your fantastic customers have refused your offers for a refund. In order to support that more easily, we launched the ability to convert your orders for tickets into donations. We'll return the selected tickets back to inventory, zero out the amount paid for tickets, and create a donation. You'll even have the opportunity to choose whether you want the donation to be applied to a specific fundraising campaign.

    At the same time, you can choose to convert fees and products (if applicable) to a donation, too. We'll even track these donations from tickets towards the donor classification levels you've created (or should create today if you haven't already), so you may easily see your most generous donors at-a-glance.

    We now have the option to perform a search, then take those filtered results and use our integrated mass email to send emails quickly and easily. We still offer the same integrations with Mailchimp and Constant Contact, but those options have moved as seen in the image below. ThunderTix's built-in email tool has no charge for the stored number of customers, as this is always a part of your private customer database. The only cost to utilize the mass mail service is 1ยข per email sent.

    If you are unsure which email service is most cost-effective for your organization, please view independent price comparisons for Mailchimp or compare pricing for Constant Contact.
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