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New Marketing Feature: NPS Score - Thu - Jan 25, 2024 - 10:38am

  • Posted by Callie Jan 25, 2024 0 Comments Marketing
    NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It is a score that reflects how happy a customer is.  For example, Target has a NPS score of 43 which indicates that a customer is "satisfied."

    This score is determined by asking,  "How likely would you recommend us to a friend?" Customers rate on a score of 0 - 10 with 10 being the happiest/ highest possible score. Knowing your NPS score is very beneficial to a business, as it lets you know if you are meeting your customer's needs and can let you know what you need to improve on.

    We are very excited to announce that our clients will now have the ability to track their NPS score!

    To enable this new feature, head to Event Manager > Select Manage for the event you'd like to track your NPS score for > Marketing > Net Promoter Scores.

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    To enable it, toggle the 'Send surveys after this event' option to Yes and enter your email address so you can view the responses. You can also download a report of all of your net promoter scores here. 

    The day after your event, we will send the survey as an email. The email will give your customers the opportunity to rate your organization on a scale of one to ten and add any additional comments. Customers will not be allowed to submit their responses if they do not select a rating. 

    As results come in, we will calculate your NPS score for you.  

    You will also be able to view your results by going to Reports > Net Promoter Scores. This will be visible when you enable the the NPS feature. 

    Alternatively, you can view your NPS score on your Reports Dashboard.  The NPS score will be a single box that shows the number across all events. There will also be a summary of what your NPS score means. 

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