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How can I connect my Mailchimp account to ThunderTix? - Fri - Aug 28, 2015 - 5:27pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Oct 2023 0 Comments Marketing
    Mailchimp Integration is the automated collection of emails as purchases are made allowing those emails to be automatically subscribed. 

    1. Visit Mailchimp to set up or log into your account. 
    2. In your ThunderTix account, navigate to: Account Settings > Integrations and Pixel Tracking
    3. Click the button to Login with MailChimp.
    4. Login to your Mailchimp account to connect all of your Audiences to ThunderTix.

    Ensure you have at least one audience created in Mailchimp. Once you have one or more audiences saved to your Mailchimp account, ThunderTix will load those audiences into the Marketing Options tab for any event. As purchases are made, ThunderTix will send the email addresses to Mailchimp automatically.

    To send more customer information to MailChimp from the ticket order, please see the article below:

    Making the Most of your MailChimp Integration