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Using ThunderTix's built-in email service - Wed - Mar 11, 2020 - 12:50pm

  • Posted by Dawn Updated: Dec 2021 0 Comments
    In addition to integrations with Mailchimp and with Constant Contact, we also offer our own built-in software that may provide cost savings. These external services charge monthly fees based on the number of email addresses stored in various mailing lists even if you do not send any emails through that service.

    ThunderTix's built-in email software takes advantage of all email addresses already stored in your private database. We charge $0.01 penny per email sent. If you send no emails, there is no charge.
    ThunderTix Mass Emal Service .png 95.19 KB

    If you would like to contact all customers for a given event, navigate to:
    Events tab >
    1. Click Manage for the given event for which you wish to process emails
    2. In the Marketing tab, click "Create Email" under the section labeled, "ThunderTix Mass Mail System"
    3. Select the email template you wish to send 
    4. Select the group of customers for any specific date & time or all dates & times for that event
    5. Create your email subject line and content
    6. Click "Send Now"
    7. Check back for statistics on open rate and delivery

    You can also access ThunderTix's Mass Mailing tool under Customers tab >Search & Mass Mail. Here you can search and sort customers by their contact info/General Information, Order History, Event Purchase, Genre/Classification, Donation History, and by event Not Yet Purchased. Once you have entered your search criteria, select Search Customers to create and send your email. 

    The mass email system is only available for accounts that have authenticated their domain for improved deliverability. You can learn about that upgrade here: