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How do I handle an event that is postponed? How do I change an event date after tickets were sold? - Wed - Mar 11, 2020 - 10:15pm

  • Posted by Stacy Updated: Mar 2024 0 Comments Managing Events
    If you need to postpone an event to a later date, the easiest option is to simply change the date and time of the actual performance.  If you are unsure about the newly scheduled date and time, we recommend temporarily changing the event and/or performance dates to "Private". This can be accomplished by clicking Manage for your event in either the Visibility tab or by clicking in the Status column of your Dates & Times to change from "Public" to "Private". 

    Changing to a new date and time Navigate to:
    1. Click Manage on the event.
    2. Click on the Public Display tab
    3. Under IMPORTANT SALE DATES, update the event's activation and expiration date (the activation date must be before the new performance date, and the expiration date must be after the new performance date)
    4. Then on the Dates & Times tab, for the performance date that is going to be postponed, click on the actual performance date and time as shown below.
    5. If your event has any tickets previously sold, you will see the following message appear as a warning.  To proceed to change the event date, click Continue.
    6. Finalize the change to a new date and time. Note that the time on this screen is displayed in military time. For events in the evening, please ensure you select the correct time.  When finished, make sure you click the blue Apply button (as shown below).

    • Upon changing the date, all tickets sold for the original event will immediately be transferred to the new date you set and will still be valid. 
    • The barcodes and tickets previously generated WILL BE regenerated when the confirmation email receipt is resent to the customer.  You will need to manually resend each email.
    • The guest list will automatically be updated with the new date & time as well. 
    • If tickets are still available for purchase, leave the event public allowing new sales to be made for the new date.  

    Notify customers about the event postponement

    The last step you'll need to take is notifying all of the original ticket holders for the event regarding the postponement. The quickest way to get the word out is to use the built-in mass email service available through your ThunderTix account. The mass email service is only available on accounts that have upgraded to domain verification (learn more about that upgrade here). Alternatively, you can export the customer names and emails to alert customers through your own third-party email service.